Are you an idea architect-an Author, Speaker, Inventor or Business Leader who wants to change the world by changing people's thoughts and actions? 

I want to be your right hand researcher.



· You could get your project done 20-40% faster...or even restart a stalled project?

· You had 100% more fun writing your next book or speech because you were only working on the parts you love?

· You didn’t have to work all alone, and instead had someone to collaborate with as needed? 

If you are ready to birth your next creative project, and you want an easy, affordable, and ACCESSIBLE research associate by your side, I encourage you to schedule a Consultation Call with me.


My name is Valerie Wingfield-Digby.

 I will take your next book, article or speech to the next level by backing it up with well-researched facts, statistics, ideas, pictures and stories that support your point. 

Creative people often get stuck in the creative process. Writing is hard enough. It’s made harder when you have to gather a whole bunch of information from a wide variety of sources, and keep it all straight, and understand how everything ties in together. 

You don’t have to go down those rabbit holes anymore. I’ll do it for you!

Unlike other research assistants, you don’t have to hold my hand and I won’t put the “real work” back in your lap. I know how to find it, filter it and present it in a way that is easy for you to understand and embed into your work.


I have a six step process that I take clients through. When you fill out the Contact Us Form, it will kick off step 1, scheduling an initial consultation.