To change the world you have to change minds.

To change minds you have to be credible.

To be credible you have to have your facts straight. 

To get your facts straight you have to do research.

To do the research, you can HIRE ME!

You’re the idea architect. 

I’m the right-hand researcher who digs for information. 
I’m inspired by people who are up to big ideas. I love TED Talks, Oprah and the Discovery Channel.

Look how successfully we’ve been able make people aware of the dangers of distracted driving, making ‘texting and driving’ illegal in nearly every state. Look how many people are now talking about spirituality and the law of attraction. Revolutions are started by a small group of committed people who are able to build a platform to communicate their message.

Do you hear yourself saying things like:

· I’m in the flow. I don’t want to stop and do research. I want to write.

· There are a trillion pages on the Internet. How will I possibly find what I’m looking for?

· Where would I even start?

· I feel like I’m just wasting time, spinning in circles.

· I don’t have time to manage someone.

· I wish I could just clone myself and add 2 more hours to the day.

· I have a great idea that I KNOW is unique. How do I get it out there before someone else does?

Don’t let your idea die because you’re too distracted or overwhelmed by the amount of research that needs to be done. I’m here to help!