I have a six step process that I take clients through. When you fill out the Contact Us Form, it will kick off step 1, scheduling an initial consultation.

Step 4: Preliminary Reporting


STEP 1: Let's Talk

If my approach speaks to you, and you’re interested in discovering more,
let’s talk! Fill out the Contact Us Form to schedule an initial free consultation.


STEP 2: Client Fit Questionnaire

I will send you the Client Fit Questionnaire to fill out as best you can before our free consultation call. Then, in the consultation, we’ll dig deep into the project scope and deliverables, answering questions like the ones below. At the end of your free consultation, we'll know if we are a fit to work together.

1. What is your purpose on this planet?
2. What is your project?
3. Why are you doing it?
4. Why is everyone else wrong or different?
5. What data do you think you want?
6. How do you want it presented?
7. What’s the scope of the project? (budget & timelines)

STEP 3: Initial Research

To start the project, I’ll conduct the initial research. At this stage, I may or may not know exactly what I’m looking for (depending on how closely the project was defined), and will begin to define it as I look at what’s there.

STEP 4: Preliminary Reporting

Before we burn too many hours, I’ll report back on what the research is saying, giving you an opportunity to evaluate and decide whether we need to make any adjustments in our approach or our perspectives. On larger projects, we may repeat steps 4&5 multiple times.

STEP 5: Delivery

I deliver the final research in the format specified at the project outset.

STEP 6: We Close the Loop

I want to make sure every client is 100% satisfied with the caliber and timeliness of the research done.
Proof-reading is a separate job and can be negotiated on a job-by-job basis.


Are you excited to get started? Me too!