My name is Valerie Wingfield-Digby and I’ve been curious all my life.



About Me

I spent my early career in the library field because I loved delving into books and pulling out information, and was fascinated by the topics people would want to research for their projects. I wanted to learn as much as they did! When I pick up a book, I always open it at the back first to see if it has an index.

Today, I’m a researcher side-kick for writers and speakers who have big ideas and want to change the world.

I may be different than other researchers you know because I’m unique in 3 ways...




1. I see through other people’s eyes. 

Deeper than empathy, I’ve always been fascinated by how people live, and see the world. Different cultures. Different customs. Different life choices. Once you tell me what your project is and why you want to do it, I want to be involved. You don’t have to go it alone. I learn to anticipate what you want and how you want it presented.

2. I don’t like boundaries.

Sure, we need contracts in business, but I like to have unfettered freedom to research a subject deeply and broadly. Clients don’t have to give me step-by-step instructions on where to find the information. Just give me the starting point, and any particular sources or documents you want to make sure are covered, and I will forge the path. From that broad base, I can extract the pertinent information.

I’m in love with learning. My clients often get frustrated when they end up down dead-end rabbit holes. Not me. I just learned something new, and sometimes that knowledge puts a whole new perspective on the project.

3. I create order out of chaos.

The feeling of overwhelm is what burns most people out when they’re doing research. I love to take structures and processes and ideas apart and put them together in new and exciting ways. When you are trying to express a new opinion

or idea, you will want to be aware of other perspectives on the issue. I can help you create a unique twist that can garner more attention for you. I identify patterns. When I present my findings, you’ll find the data in a form that’s easy to follow and easy to use. I will find the commonality and the differences in it that will make it more immediately usable for you.

I would love to take your big idea and help you to turn it into a powerful reality.